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[UPDATE] Unused ped hairstyle

  • Re: [PLAYER] npc hair fix
    Updating an old request I posted.
    I found an unused pigtail on a ped's hairstyle, was wondering if anyone with ZModeler knowledge can add this back, shouldn't be too hard, or maybe not.
    Here's a link to how it looks, 1st being the original and the 2nd is with the unused pigtail added, thanks CodeWalker.
    If no-one can do it, maybe send a vid on how to use ZModeler, so I can try.

  • I got a fixed version up on the gta5-mods website - afyeastsa2 hair fix

    For some reason the shader that was assigned to that part of the hair model made it disappear in-game, so swapping that shader with the main hair one solved it. Easy fix.

  • Thanks bro! You're the best!
    Definitely downloading this for sure!

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