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Dummy positioning on tuning doors in zmodeler3

  • Hi
    When you set the <bone> in carcols to bonnet, my custom hood which is in my ...mods.rpf file, opens and closes.
    However, it will float in front of, and above the vehicle.
    What I did in zmodeler3 was unlinking the bonnet from my original car (bison), then set axes to parent (=world), then copy the bonnet to convert the copy into a dummy.
    When i set the <bone> to chassis, it fits perfectly, but won't behave as a door.
    To check this i imported a different gta vehicle into zm3, then a hood that was in its ...mods.rpf file. I noticed the tuning part hood was below the actual hood, and in the centre of the car.
    How do I get the correct position for my custom bison door dummy in zmodeler3?
    Do I need to do it manually or is there a bypass to get the dummy in the exact centre of the vehicle?

  • @Sup321V here's what i always do, using my car as an example (https://imgur.com/a/I7RKB1L). as you can see, the bonnet mod (seraph10_hood9) is positioned where the original bonnet is. unlink the bonnet_sent_sec from its parent seraph10_hood9. use the "copy local axes" to copy the bonnet_sent_sec's dummy to the seraph10_hood9 so their dummies will be in the same position. put the bonnet_sent_sec back in the seraph10_hood9.
    set the bone to bonnet in carcols.

  • @drlq99
    Yep, "copy local axes" worked. Thanks for the elaborate reply. Have a nice day

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