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In my cars something very strange happens with the suspension. Does it happen to someone?

  • Hello friends, I have seen that in some cars of my GTA something strange happens with the suspension.

    And since I couldn't explain it, I leave you with two images.

    alt text

    This is the normal height of the car, without my character getting into it. But...

    alt text

    This is the new height once I get on.

    As you can see, without understanding the reason, it greatly increases its height, leaving a horrible appearance.

    I don't have mods that modify these things, I've tried completely deleting the mods folder and it keeps happening.

    Does anyone know what can produce it, so I can start investigating?

    Infinite thanks.

  • @Fabito48hd
    That's a weird one, never seen that before :thinking:

    • Has it always happened with the vehicles it affects, or just started happening at some point etc? (if always, likely just a badly made vehicle).
    • Maybe check settings of any Trainer you are using for any suspension/downforce related settings (or probably quicker, remove all trainers & test if still happening in-game, & if so, then look for settings etc).
    • Does it happen the same for standard & also upgraded/lowered suspension?
    • Have you ever had any mods like VStancer installed? (remove all scripts, whether related to vehicles or not, just to rule them out anyway)
    • Could be 'handling.meta' or 'vehicles.meta' related. Take the handling/vehicles data from a vanilla police car or something & overwrite what you have for that car (make backup obvs), test in-game & see if it still happens? That should tell you whether it's related to the data in those '.meta' files or not)

    Test the above out & see what you get. If nothing, package that vehicle above up with it's '.meta/.ymt' data (wherever it's stored etc) into a '.zip/.7z/.rar' etc & send me the link (so, the '.yft's, '.ytd', handling/vehicles/carvariations/carcols/ (maybe 'vehiclelayouts' too, if it's non-vanilla) meta data (full files or just the data for that car, doesn't matter, if multiple vehicles in file, tell me name of car etc :thumbsup:).
    Also, link to the original download if you can.

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