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New DLS configs

  • This is my first modding project so be kind :)

    I've been waiting for dedicated DLS configs for all the new vanilla/lore-friendly vehicles that have come out lately. Today i had enough waiting for someone else to make them - so i started myself.

    My first config is for sas994's new unmarked Alamo

    Stage 1 has steady burning lights in front and a combination of slow chp-style pattern and steady burning in the rear. Side lights are deactived, so are the foglight-leds

    Stage 2 enables the lower side lights and fog light leds, all lights have a slow chp style pattern.

    Stage 3 enables all remaining lights that were deactivated before and comes with a fast strobe pattern.

    Let me know what you think and if you want more - if interest is big enough i'll try to get through most of the new vehicles and make a DLS config pack.

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