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A few questions about how addon car packs work: Mainly how to enable tuning parts and where to

  • So, I am extremely new with mods in general, and mostly just want to add irl cars into the game, I am currently running the latest version of the game and I am fairly certain I have everything I need like script hook V updated (though I don't know how to do a Pastebin so idk). After running mostly individual addons for a while I decided to make an addon folder for this since I heard it's a way to have much more mods in the game, but I ran into some problems and am in need of assistance.

    I used this mod for that:

    So first, I have found that tuning parts for certain mods just won't show up when I go to LS customs or Menyoo, particularly this one mod:


    Now I did see a folder called "Vehiclemods" in the rpf, and assumed that I needed to put the ytf's of the parts inside the "tuning_mods.rpf" file that was in there, but so far it hasn't really worked, so if I did something wrong then it would be appreciated if I could know.

    I also ran into the problem with this mod:

    Since it comes with a bunch of effects and everything, I have no idea where to put those. So any help with that would be very appreciated. I also have no idea how to add to the vehiclelayouts.meta file because for some reason it keeps telling me it's wrong, so the car just refuses to show up and actually ends up crashing my game when I try to spawn it. I just feel pretty stumped there.

  • @NotArob0t
    Here is the 'Vehicles DLC Folder #2' from the 'Add-On/Replace Base Folder [Vehicles | Weapons | Textures] v8.0 (All-In-One)' renamed to 'addoncars2' with the Artura & Vanquish installed, all '.meta' files (handling/vehicles/carcols/carvariations) combined, 'vehiclelyouts.meta' added & working & vanquish upgrades all working (artura doesn't have any upgrades, see more about that below).

    To test it out, just extract it from the 'addoncars2.rar' (WinRAR/7zip if needed), drop 'addoncars2' folder in 'dlcpacks' & then add:


    to your 'dlclist.xml' in place of whatever you called your 'Vehicles DLC Folder #2' 'FOLDERNAME' dlc folder if you renamed it. If you didn't rename it, replace the '<Item>dlcpacks:\FOLDERNAME</Item>' line in 'dlclist.xml' instead (ie you don't want to load both at the same time as they will conflict).

    Try that out & see if the vanquish upgrades/tuning works? If not, it's most likely the vanquish has a ModKitID conflict with another vehicle you have installed. Can you change the wheels on the vanquish? Being unable to do that is usually an indication of a ModKitID conflict.
    No-one understands exactly how ModKitID's work, you basically try different ModKitID numbers until you find one that works. Plenty threads on gta5-mods about it if you want to know more.

    Artura Upgrades (or lack thereof):
    The artura had carcols entries for upgrades/tuning that did not exist within it's 'artura_mods.rpf'. I have removed those carcols entries in the above dlc & set it's carvariations to '0_default_modkit' instead. No need for it to be taking a ModKitID number for upgrades/tuning that does not exist & that could cause a ModKitID conflict for a different vehicle you add in future etc. :thumbsup:

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