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Mod_cols disappear zmodeler3 OPENIV

  • Hi

    Every time i'm adding a mod_col to my model (four plus the added one =5) another one starts to disappear!​ i always add my mod_cols in zmodeler3, then export, check them in openIV and an old one just disappears. Hierachically it's still there though. If I import my model in zm3 again, the collision box will be gone too.

    I've lost many custom-made collisions through this (i'm saving them as z3ds in a separate folder now); has anyone else had this problem? Every time I add a fifth mod_col a random one is somehow toggled off.
    I guess a fix would be to combine individual tuning parts and their collisions, however that would drastically reduce customization ability. How can I have 5+ mod_cols at the same time? :(

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