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Make pit maneuvers great again

  • I forget when it happened, but I'm pretty sure Rockstar made pit maneuvers damn near impossible after an update a while back. I vaguely remember it being because online players were complaining about getting pitted during races, but I can't be sure. Anyways, here's an example

    No matter the speed, the npc cars are freakin glued to the road. You gotta hit them ridiculously hard to break them loose. And I'm using Drive V and the Inverse Power script in this clip.

    I know it didn't used to be like this, so my question is, how do we fix it?

  • @HellOnWheels357
    I'm pretty sure DriveV would have increased the grip of all the vehicles it edits, as well as potentially making edits to the friction etc values in 'materials.dat'. That's something that needs ruled out first.

    Make backups of all relevant files & then:

    • Put 'materials.dat' back to vanilla temporarily
    • Pick a commonly spawned vehicle
    • Replace it's Drive V handling data with it's original vanilla handling
    • Find the vehicle in-game
    • Test a pit manoeuvre on it

    Alternatively, replace the entire 'handling.meta' file in 'update.rpf' with it's vanilla counterpart & find one of the base game vehicles from it to test an in-game pit manoeuvre on. Probably quicker & easier to find a vehicle that way etc.

  • I appreciate the help. But I just got word over on lcpdfr's forums that LSPDFR is at fault for this. Apparently some thought pitting was too easy in previous versions, so they went and did this. Hopefully they'll find a better middle ground soon, because this just isn't enjoyable.

    Also, Drive V reduces grip in pretty much all categories. Any realistic handling mod would, really, since vanilla GTA V vehicles have way too much. You can feel the difference, but you can also see it in the data. I also just compared Drive V's materials file with the vanilla version in notepad++ to see what was changed, but nothing was highlighted and the program says the files match. So it seems like it was untouched.

  • @HellOnWheels357
    Yeah, doesn't look like much fun, glad you got it figured out :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'm less confident about my answer now though, because a friend of mine just tested it in his vanilla GTA V and said he had very similar results. AI cars were extremely hard to break loose.

    I made a ticket with Rockstar support to see if they could tell which file needs to be modified to fix this, but I'm not holding my breath. I highly doubt they're going to willingly help me modify their game. Or that the person responding would even know.

  • @HellOnWheels357
    My friend got a quick reply from Rockstar Support once. It was the happiest I'd seen him in years:

    Rockstar Support

    One Possible Solution:
    The 'handling.meta' '<fMass value' has a lot to do with it I think. If you are always pit manoeuvring while driving the same vehicles, increasing their mass above that of the vehicles you wish to perform pit manoeuvres on might be a work-around. That at least won't affect the handling of any vehicles involved (like reducing grip or increasing traction loss value would etc).

  • Hahahaha nice. That gave me a good laugh. And yeah, that's a great idea. I've been doing my own tweaks with real time handling editor lately, so I already got the means to test it easily. I can set it high enough to where I can break them loose easier, but not too high to the point where I send vehicles flying when the AI inevitably derps out in front of me lol. Thanks dude.

  • Just to update, I tested it for myself. It's definitely the mod's fault. This is without LSPDFR running:

    Edit: Also, I just tested your idea. I had to crank the mass up to 15,000, but hot damn, it works:

    Don't mind the unrealistic rollover. I have the newest Hollywood Rollover script installed and the code needs a little work still.

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