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WIndows 10 Stuck On Scanning And Repairing Drive Screen

  • Hello everyone, this is my second post on this forum but the question is the same. After installing Modded GTA, my Windows PC got stuck on the Scanning and Repairing Drive Screen. Does anyone have any idea why I am having this kind of issue? Kindly help me to solve the issue.

  • @HalleBlock did you run low on disk space? Is the game pirated? Other than that it would sound like your drive was just ready to die or in serious need of defragmentation.

  • Yeah, this one is a Pirated Game. But I have enough space on my PC. I have followed this article and have canceled the Disk Scan process for now. As you say, should I consider buying a new Hard Drive?

  • @HalleBlock sorry but we can't support pirated games here and you could very well have a virus, so i wouldn't do any online banking if i were you. Its a shame to pirate a 10 dollar game,

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