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Headlight Doesn't Illuminate The Ground

  • I've installed Rena's "Indian Chief Dark Horse 2019 [Add-On] 1.0" mod and the headlight doesn't illuminate the ground.

    It's something I can do about it thru a .meta/.yml file or modifications needs to be made to the actual model, the one located in .yft files?


    1. GTAV 2545 Epic version.
    2. I have 24 vehicle mods installed, 19 cars and 5 motorcycles, but only this mode has the issue mentioned at the beginning of the post.
    3. The following are the only changes I've made within the specified files:
    • carvariations.meta -- <Item>0_IndianCDH_modkit</Item> to <Item>0_bike_modkit</Item>
    • handling.meta -- <handlingName>BLAZER4</handlingName> to <handlingName>INDIANCDH</handlingName>
    • vehicles.meta -- <handlingId>BAGGER</handlingId> to <handlingId>INDIANCDH</handlingId>
    • global.gxt2
      -- 0x55751738 = Alfa Romeo to 0xA1F89227 = Indian
      -- 0x2EE25EFE = Stelvio 2017 to 0xC240D47E = Chief Dark Horse '19
    1. I've ran the mod even on a clean version, meaning unaltered files in "mods" directory and only this mod installed in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks", and I was confronted with the same issue.

  • @Dix-Hauser seems to be improper node for the headlight. can only be fixed by modifying the model itself

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