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Liberty City Mod - No textures except from trees

  • Hello,

    I've installed today the Liberty Cry Remix & Vice Cry West Mod for GTA V. While for Vice City I have no problem, there are no textures for Liberty City as you can see in the screenshot:
    ![0_1645181593817_upload-cd133cb1-c28f-41d1-8b67-4465eaac4e28](Uploading 100%)

    I followed the steps of the README as follows:

    1. Drag and drop of the speicif gameconfig into the according directory
    2. Copying vicecity folder to according directory
    3. Installation of Liberty Cry Remix (LC SE + VC E).oiv via OpenIV.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?


  • EDIT: I just see that my upload didn't work so here is the actual screenshot:
    [link text](https://i.ibb.co/d0mwsDh/gta4.jpgalt text)

  • I am having the same issue

  • I remember using this tutorial and it worked perfect.

  • @fleety707 You have a poor install. Go back and look at the instructions. You're not missing textures where the cars appear to float in the air, you are missing a bridge DLC.

  • @gtavjamal not a traffic issue, cars are there, issue is with bridge dlc, collision is there but not the textures. I actually removed the bridge because it looked like crap. I didn't care about connecting LC with LS.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah true dat dawg. Im just saying I followed that video tutorial to the letter using a fresh GTA V. Only the essential pre-req mods installed and everything worked perfect, all textures etc.

  • @gtavjamal i didn't view the video but if you mean reinstalling GTA5 when they say a fresh copy, i couldn't disagree more.

    I've never reinstalled GTA5 despite thousands of hours of modding. A corrupt save game file once, a couple verify integrities, that's all.

  • @JohnFromGWN Reinstall?? Naw dawg no need in this case.

    I just mentioned a fresh game so no bs conflicts.

    Ftr. Real talk. I give Steam the middle finger. I hate Valve, Steam whatever with a vengeance lol.

  • @gtavjamal Not sure what Steam has to do with this thread, but I'll take GTA5 on Steam over Epic or retail any day because I can stop the updates with ease. As for Valve, i don't really care about the company but they arguably made the best SP ever in HL2 and one of the best coop games in L4D2.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol totally agree Epic sux too. I mentioned Steam coz I know you push it. No disrespect in that regard whatever works for you all good. Also respectfully don't care about HL2 or L4D2 so Steam doing whatever with them is moot to me. Now we are getting way off topic. Back to our scheduled program. My point is with this thread and issue. If a ghetto kid with no computer knowledge like me can make it work then anyone can.

  • @gtavjamal Yeah, this thread got offtrack, but just to clarify this position, I'm not a fan of Steam, not at all. Just saying I don't have any issues with updates. If I was on Epic I would find a solution real fast. Honestly I would love to play my games without any f***** launcher, or subscriptions, or social clubs etc. I don't want to have to open an account and login to play my SP games - so in that respect I hate Valve, I hate Ubi, I hate Epic, etc.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol regarding hating Epic and Steam high five! I have many versions including Steam I got gifted when on sale ages ago. Personally I use Goldberg most of the time.

  • @gtavjamal Not familiar with Goldberg emulator, isn't it for cracked/pirated games?


    @JohnFromGWN no, no it isn't and stop derailing threads, thanks

  • @ReNNie How do you derail a thread that is 3 months old when the OP never responded?

    If you look at the thread you'll see I posted a possible solution - which is more than I can say for most of the other members here including the admins.


    @JohnFromGWN ah, well as you were then

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