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How do you move vehicle light coronas?

  • Basically the title.
    How can you move the coronas to a new position?
    What determines the headlight positioning?
    I haven't found a dummy for that so far.
    I'd like to create custom lightbars and need more coronas (i know about extralights but they are limited to four afaik)

  • @Sup321V lightsettings id for lights and sirensettings id for sirens in carvariation meta. i'm not entirely sure about sirens but for headlights, use an id value from a vanilla car where the positions of the headlights and taillights closely match your car's. it's all trial and error. what car are you doing?

  • @drlq99 i've tested a bit and the light is always generated at the local axes of the lighting component, it can be anywhere, the light id's don't determine it.

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