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  • Hi,
    I really hope someone can help me bcs when i install any enb mod at the beginning it loads like 10 seconds in a black screen than gta5 starts and when i try to change some settings in the pause menu like from window mode to full screen it loads like almost a minute (with big enbs) and with not so good enbs 15-30seconds in a blackscreen and when the blackscreen goes away i have no time left to save the settings bcs when u change settings in gta 5 u can choose if u want to save them but u only have like 20 seconds time and the blackscreen is there for like 30 seconds so i cant change any settings bcs the blackscreen loads to long with enbs except with smaller enbs that dont do much graphics change than it loads like 5-10 seconds so i can change settings but when i try to do something with the photorealistic san andreas enb(prsa) it loads too long in black screen
    whith no enb installed everything is really fast like starting up the game or changing settings

    1tb ssd
    i7 9th gen
    prime h310m er2.0 mainboard
    500w csl power supply

    and i use a 60hz monitor thats not compatible with hdr(idk if that is important)

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