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Anyone else having major map issues with the 'Contract' DLC?

  • Bad enough I didn't want to download this dumb dlc, I had everything working in top shape until I had no choice. Now I've got 'map holes' where I can watch and listen to ped scream in horror as they fall through. Franklin's upgraded apt. has all these new props that are doubled up and there's a 'kid's slide' at random by the pool? The game runs glitchy and stuttery no matter how I fine tune the settings for both game and graphics card. All of which was working really well until this garbage of a dlc got dumped on us.

    Anyone else notice these issues? I'm still using the original 'Open Interiors' (no, I don't want to use 'HK's' version because it causes conflicts with maps I've already set up and I don't bother with the phone for much of anything.) I'll try turning that off and see what happens of course that will be a PIA because it will lock up many things on the map. If anyone else has run into similar issues let me know if you've come up with any fixes.


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