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Fivem Air Suspension Flag on local not working

  • does anyone know how to fix the issue on fivem, it seems that none of the local cars such as the hermes and yosemite that have the flag "FLAG_DROP_SUSPENSION_WHEN_STOPPED" by default do not seem to work at all, im not running any scripts, since they dont seem to work on my private server

    however, any importor add on car that does have the flag seem to work normally.

  • Go to file "handling.meta", search the line "<fSuspensionRaise value="0.000000" />" and modify the value in "0.050000"
    and then in the "Vehicles.meta" put in the flags "FLAG_DROP_SUSPENSION_WHEN_STOPPED"

    Dont use this modify if the car is high about sospension (jeep ecc), usually u can use this flag when the car is tuned, (with rocket bunny ecc)

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