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Texture Mod loads when far but not near?

  • Hello, I've added a simple mod texture for the FiveM single player. I just got my new PC, before this, I was using my old PC modding my FiveM client-side with no issues at all, mostly replacing cars and building textures. After I got my new PC, I placed everything in the mods folder from my old PC, every mod seems to be working just fine. Until I realised one of the locations I replaced isn't working properly. It shows in-game but doesn't load when I'm near it. I had no issue before this on my previous PC. I've tried reinstalling the mod RPF, installing after into another RPF file, and adjusting my texture quality in GTA settings. I'm not sure what I can do it fix this issue. I'm using the Steam version.


  • @aciaka
    Those HD billboard posters are normally in 'dt1_22_bld1x+hi.ytd' & 'dt1_22_bldg2_detail2b+hidr.ytd'. Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search your 'mods' folder for them by name & replace/update the textures in the ones that are being loaded by the game (if multiple etc).

  • @a63nt-5m1th you clearly didn't understand the issue here, even by watching the video you should be able to tell whats the issue. anyway i'm still figuring out how to fix this

  • @aciaka

    I'm talking about these billboards

    Changing into these ones when you get closer to them.

    Pretty sure we're talking about the same thing. :thinking:

    FiveM is a variable I can't account for as I've never used it, but it looks like what's happening is that either the vanilla HD textures for those billboards are being loaded instead of the LS 123 Gang ones or the LS 123 Gang HD model, if one exists, isn't being loaded.

    The original HD vanilla textures for those billboards in a normal SP modded game are loaded from 'dt1_22_bld1x+hi.ytd' & 'dt1_22_bldg2_detail2b+hidr.ytd'. Unless of course, the entire billboard model ('dt1_22_bldg1.ydr') has been replaced, in which case the texture & '.ydr' location could be different & you could then use CodeWalker to track down their location/s, if you don't know the name of the '.ydr/.ytd' that's used already (ie from the dlc etc).

    If FiveM loads textures/models differently to a normal SP modded game you should be able to figure out the rest, just adapt the approach to suit your specific (FiveM) needs. In principle, it's pretty simple, the textures/model are being loaded from somewhere, find that location, whether model or textures & replace them (Hint: perform a 'Tools' > 'Binary Search...' in Codewalker for the name of the model/textures to find all their locations & then change them one by one (if multiple locations) to figure out which ones are being loaded by the game. Alternatively, load up CodeWalker while activating mods & the LS 123 Gang dlc ('View' tab for both) & move towards that location to see what's happening). Job done. :thumbsup:

    If you link to the LS 123 Gang model/textures/dlc etc download I can probably help further if required.

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