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  • One of the highly untouched features of GTA 5 by the modding community is the stock market and websites. I'm not sure if this is due to it being quite tricky to code or something along those lines but i believe there is much potential for many great mods.

    I think a great mod could be made where news alerts are sent to the player's phone which influences the stock market.
    Im sure much more could be added to this concept as it is such an open field for the modding community.
    Maybe with different random events or news events. Something outside the story so that the market actually has more use once you have done all the missions.
    Maybe people you can go to or websites you can visit to get information which will help you estimate which stock will go up.
    Something for the smart and logical thinkers of the gta 5 community.
    a challenge.
    The current stock market is cool and all but after a while you realise there is no challenge and not much logic to it.
    We need something more advanced and better.

  • @MrForce you want to get your stock quotes while playing? That's funny.

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