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Failed Zlib Call when launching gta v

  • had this problem 2 days ago after a week of not playing at all then suddenly i got a text that says Failed Zlib Call try reboot or something like that when i launch the game. didn't have this problem before, tried to uninstall some car mods still didn't work. and i don't even have a lot of mods only modded cars, menu, handling mod, vstancer, and 2 car sound pack.pretty new to gtav mods so yeah.
    i'd appreciate the help TY!

  • very easy fix for this one.

    if you have the game on Steam: Right click on Grand Theft Auto V > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Files.

    if you have the game on Epic Games Launcher: Right click on Grand Theft Auto V > Verify

    it's as easy as that. not too sure about rockstar games launcher.

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