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ScriptHookV Can't create blip.

  • I have been trying for an hour now to create a blip and attach it to the player ped. It just won't work.
    Here is my blip code:

    //Called every frame
    void update()
    	Player plr = PLAYER::PLAYER_ID();
    	Ped plr_ped = PLAYER::PLAYER_PED_ID();
    	Blip Blip; 
    	Blip = UI::ADD_BLIP_FOR_ENTITY(plr_ped); 
    	UI::SET_BLIP_SPRITE(Blip, 4); 
    	UI::SET_BLIP_SCALE(Blip, 1.5); 
    	UI::SET_BLIP_COLOUR(Blip, 1); 
    	UI::SET_BLIP_DISPLAY(Blip, 2); 

    No matter what I do. It just won't create a blip. Is it just broken?

  • Well, looks like you're creating a new blip every frame, you will end up with thousands of blips in just a few seconds and in my experience, doing that will break the UI

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