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Can you Replace Default Police cars Without LSPDFR?

  • Hello Just wondering I thinking to Change the Default Police cars I had this question on this Do you need LSPDFR to Replace Police cars? The Reason I ask this is That I'm planning to Replace the Default Police cars that Police NPCs Use I want to replace them with mod ones to see other cars But I Don't Know if I need lspdfr to download Mods it or you download a mods without LSPDFR

  • @James568
    You can replace police/dispatch vehicles on their own no problem, no need for LSPDFR :thumbsup:

    Your two basic options are:

    • Replace the default police/dispatch vehicles with different ones (easier option)

    • Edit 'dispatch.meta' to point to different vehicles (not much, but potentially slightly more complicated, depending on what vehicles you choose. Just make sure any new vehicles at least have a 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' flag in the '<flags>' line in their 'vehicles.meta' file, so they spawn correctly)

    or a combination of both is possible too.

    You can search for files by name in OpenIV by using Ctrl+F3 to open the Search box. There is a drop-down menu in the Search box to select to search either the 'mods' folder only, the 'game' folder only, or both.

    Use a 'mods' folder:

    Also, make sure you are using & have set up a 'mods' folder & use that for modded files (ie don't edit any of the default vanilla files, but instead create duplicate '.rpf' files in the 'mods' folder & edit them instead). The 'mods' folder only needs to contain '.rpf' files you edit (or plan to edit), you don't need to copy all '.rpf' files into it, but you can if you like.

    Folder structure of 'mods' folder/'game' (ie default install) folder comparison:

    'update.rpf' example:

    'game'/default install folder location of 'update.rpf':
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf

    'mods' folder location of 'update.rpf':
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\ mods \update\update.rpf

    'dlcpacks' folder example:

    'game'/default install folder location of 'dlcpacks' folder:
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks

    'mods' folder location of 'dlcpacks' folder:
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\ mods \update\x64\dlcpacks

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