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ENB not working

  • Hello ,
    I tried to install ENB after installing VisualV , Enb shader showing in game but its doesnt applying any effect
    only slight reflection on vehicle (Inc clean n natural,prsa,awesomekillz settings)
    I reinstalled game but same issue, I need help regarding this matter please

  • same with me


    @a63nt-5m1th was talking to sam mods about this yesterday and can't wrap my head around it

  • @ReNNie
    Gonna be pretty hard to diagnose unless the issue is repeatable on another machine, which is unlikely. There's so much crapware in every OS/3rd party app now, it's getting harder & harder to remove/diagnose/fix anything. Just try deactivating Windows Update (without it secretly reactivating itself) & you'll see how little control you have even over your own PC/OS.

    Maybe something in here that might help:

    • Can you open the ENB menu? (Shift+Enter by default, also does the ON/OFF toggle work/see a difference? (Shift+F12 normally)
    • Tried a default/basic ENB/no presets installed? Latest version? (0.471 was updated 17-02-22 to fix compatibility issues with RagePluginHook). Also, try older versions of ENB (you can find them in this thread)
    • AMD or Nvidia GPU? AMD GPUs have always had a lot of issues with ENB (not sure they are even officially supported, generally they can work, but no support from ENB if you have issues etc). A lot of the new RTX 3000 series Nvidia cards have random weird issues with ENB also.
    • Try different older Graphics Drivers & uninstall your current GPU driver in Windows Safe Mode using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller).
    • Disable all overlays & such, including MSI Afterburner, Fraps, Nvidia Geforce/Steam/Origin etc overlays. Nearly everything comes with one now-a-days & a lot are hidden away & you may not know they are running etc. Basically, do your research & disable everything like that.
    • Disable Anti-virus or anything like that also.
    • Messed with in-game graphics settings? Like disabling MSAA & Anisotropic Filtering etc to see if any conflict exists there etc.
    • Maybe try disabling select effects within ENB to see if one is at the root cause of it & breaking the others etc.
    • Try running check disk on all your hard drives. Then run a System File Scan & then after that perhaps run DISM & make sure your Windows image is good.
    • Just one copy of the game installed?
    • Windows 10 or Windows 11?
    • Download the free version of Windows Repair 4.12.3 & run it's repairs (read it's instructions tho, it steps you through the process & explains everything pretty well, including backups & what to run etc).
    • If you get desperate, maybe try a repair install/in-place upgrade reinstall of Windows (basics here).

  • I fixed the problem
    the shaders were not working
    so I changed my operating system and it worked
    I use mid pc so I only use it for screenshot purpose

  • @sam-mods
    Nice. Glad you got it working :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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