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Hidden packages MAP mod

  • Hello Gods of Mods,

    I have been trying to cover all the secrets of GTA V like spaceship parts, letter scraps etc however it has been very difficult to load those interactive maps on my phone or a separate window and then look for them in the game. Is there any MOD which can simply show or mark those hidden secrets on the in game map.

    I will be really surprised if there is none as I have seen there are mods which can open the closed locations which even Rockstar did not open for us and those closed locations are visible on the ingame maps.

    So please help me out here.


  • @asheesh1_2000 this triner Simple Trainer for V have all the secret stuff location in the teleport section and is up to date

  • @ChOcOsKiZo , thanks for your reply.

    I did copy that trainer and all the files in that folder,, and I got this error.


    Then I pressed OK and the game loaded all fine but no new menu I could see. I am still seeing my old menu when I press F3.

    and when I press F4


    A little info.. my Rageplugin is one version older than latest as the latest version is not compatible with my GTA ,, can that be the reason ?

  • @asheesh1_2000 probably , i don't use rage plugin

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