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Parts of game map have crappy/missing LODs.

  • There's bits of the map where they're high quality in the distance but when I get up close to them the LODs either unload or load a crappier LOD. There's bits of Los Santos where the roads look fine from a distance but suddenly unload and turn invisible as I drive along there. Or there's a bit of the freeway just before the tunnel (where the Candybox billboard is) where when I drive into that area, that part of the freeway loads a lower quality LOD.

    It's obviously due to add-ons, but I'm unsure if it's directly due to too many add-ons at once or an add-on or two specifically that's creating issues. The road disappearance issue, for example, arose after I installed the latest Map Fixes (when I update add-ons and DLCs, I delete the folder entirely from the dlcpacks directory and drag the new folder in, so as to prevent conflicts).

    Is there a way of bypassing this?

  • @mrwallace888
    To test your hypnosis is ridiculously easy. Just run the game unmodded or rename addons you think might be causing the issue. Don't need to touch dlclist.xml, just rename and they won't load. Same for asi although you want to change extension to bak or something so loader ignores them.

  • @mrwallace888 Did you solve it?

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