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No scripts will work without crashing *HELP*

  • This post is deleted!

  • @420x420 Your question is a little vague... which scripts have you got installed and what other type of mods have you got installed? What do your ScriptHookV and ScriptHookDotNet logs say, are there any errors?

  • I've also moved this into the troubleshooting section so you have a better chance of getting help.

  • Re: No scripts will work without crashing HELP I tried to install the safe cracking script; crashed. I tried to install the biker melee script; crashed. No wanted music script; crashed. The only other mods i have is simple trainer and mp biker mod and a mods folder with only textures modified. In my question i said it crashes no matter what script im installing and there are no errors in any of my logs which is weird its just crashing but asi mods dont crash they work just fine

  • @420x420 The thing is, crashes after a period of time tend to be resource related rather than script related, especially if it happens with any scripts. Rename your mods folder to prevent those mods from loading and see if that makes any difference.

  • Could it be that i only had like 3gb left on my ssd which gta 5 was installed on when this happened? and if i may add this has never happened before even with a shit ton of texture/model mods and scripts combined and it never did this. but im gonna try that now thanks for the suggestion.

  • @420x420 If your pagefile is on your system drive, and your game is installed on the same drive, running out of space could cause the problem as well. Can you give us an idea of how your system is set up? I.e. is your SSD purely for games, or is it your boot/system/games drive?

    Edit: Gonna be offline for an hour or so, if you get nowhere, post any info you think might be relevant (drive space etc... ) and I'll check back in when I get back online.

  • I only use the ssd for some games its only got 250gb so cant do much else with it. but there is enough space on my hdd (around 250 gb out of 500). but alright man thanks for the help

  • Problem solved it was either memory or the safe cracker script.

  • @420x420 Good to hear you got things working.

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