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[Vehicle] '19 Citroen Berlingo ELS all amber / simple project

  • Hey all

    Since i cant get ZM3 to work, im looking for someone that does have a working ZM3 copy.

    Id like a 2019 Citroen Berlingo with all amber lights. The centerpiece is a traffic advisor facing backwards. Some lights in the grille, maybe in the taillights aswell. Should be very simple, nothing over the top.

    Please contact me to discuss the project and payment.!!

    Edit: some mspaint art :)
    Edit: found 3d model on this very site, check downloads/versions bar

  • So i finally got ZM3 to work, just had to wait couple of days.
    The 3d model i found didnt work, so i had to find a new one.
    Im still a noob, so any help/advice would be appreciated.

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