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I can't install more than 5 car mods.

  • Hello everyone,

    First all I'd like to say this website's been very helpful to me : ) Finding new superb looking car addons every time I browse it has been a pleasure.

    Sadly, I've had an issue for a couple of weeks now. I've decided to seek help since trying to fix it myself isn't successful.

    As you can read from the title, I'm only able to have 5 car mods in game (in single player). If I attemp to install a new one, it'll just crash the game every time I'll launch it. It doesn't matter wich ones I have installed, I can only have up to 5 at a time. Precisely, addon cars. I'm not sure how to install replace mods, but I'm honestly not very interested in those.

    I can play with any addon car I want in the world, as long as I only have 5 loaded when I launch the game. I'm starting to get bored of the 5 mods I've been using for weeks and I'd like to get some new ones without have to replace the older ones and being limited to only 5.

    I've tried reinstalling Script Hook V and OpenIV but it didn't change anything. I've reinstalled a couple of times all the car mods I'm using to see if I had done something wrong during the installation process, but it also didn't change anything.

    Has anyone encountered the exact (or a similar case) issue and found a fix? Feel free to ask me extra information if that can help you find a solution for me. : )

    Have a great day folks!

  • I think you need a game config, I recommend the one by F7YO

  • It sadly didn't work. I've installed it twice and carefully followed steps and requirements for the installation. I still can't install more than 5 addon cars. Game keeps crashing at the same point during loading screen, with or without the gameconfig you've mentionned... : /


    I can't install more than 5 car mods.

    better choose wisely then!

    If dilapidated's gameconfig.xml doesn't work for you, then you're out of luck I guess as it works for 99,999% of the people modding

  • What is it exactly supposed to do? From what I've gathered online it seems to allow you to dedicate extra ressources to mods but I'm still unsure.

    I'll give it another go later because there must be something I have missed.

  • @Nimporteflex
    Are you using a 'mods' folder & installing the 'gameconfig.xml' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\gameconfig.xml

  • Alright, thank you guys sooo much. Installing dilapidated's gameconfig fixed my game and I can now install more vehicles than I could before.

    I don't know what was the exact issue, but after reinstalling it a second time it now works, so that makes me happy.

    Wishing you guys a great day, and thanks again for taking some of your time to help me out.

  • @Nimporteflex the gameconfig is not enough, you need packfile and heap limit mods if you're going to add additional mods,

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