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gta crash on startup with new mods

  • I had installed quite some mods and everything worked fine
    but now when I try to install a new one the game crash on startup
    any help would be appreciated

  • @bobbech34 might be you dont have the requirements or the mod conflicts with another mod you have make sure you have scripthookvdotnet and scripthook because those are required for any script mod to work, if its a car mod try installing a game config
    other than that i cant really be of use sorry

  • @bobbech34 troubleshooting

    When you ask for help pls provide more info. Don't even know if you have a gameconfig, how many mods, are they addons, etc.

  • @JohnFromGWN you're right I should've been more specific
    my problem is with add-on mods more specifically aircraft ones rn I have around 10 add-on mods
    I tried gameconfig with heapadjuster but they crashed the game from startup so I don't use them and my pc should be able to handle the game with mods so idk where the problem lies

  • @bobbech34 no your PC can't handle mods even if you have a $10,000 workstation with a threadripper. Gameconfig, heap, and packfile limit adjusters are there to remove game limitations, they aren't suggestions, they're mandatory.

    Try different combinations of Gameconfig until u find the right one. Also keep in mind that some mods, aircraft in particular, have too many polygons and can crash the most stable rigs and setups.

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