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On-Site History +/ Download History

  • Would be cool if we had history logs linked to our accounts on mods we've downloaded. I know we have the bookmark to help us archive mods but it's easier to have downloaded mods added automatically since there are some mods you used some time back, would love to have it but can't find it. Would be helpful and we'd highly appreciate.

  • @Yunky you dont need to be logged in to download. I keep all my downloads in windows folders with descriptions and text notes and fixes if necessary. Don't expect any changes to this site.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in On-Site History +/ Download History:

    you dont need to be logged in to download.

    He never said you had to be.

    @JohnFromGWN said in On-Site History +/ Download History:

    I keep all my downloads in windows folders with descriptions and text notes and fixes if necessary

    Most people are not going to do this. This feature is mainly for the lazy (I don't mean that in a bad way). Like he said, you could bookmark the mod, but it'd just be easier if it was automatically logged.

    Honestly, adding something like this to the site shouldn't be too difficult. But this site is basically in maintenance-only mode.

  • @Jitnaught What I meant about logging in is that it is a PITA if you just want to dl a mod. As for the level of difficulty to upgrade a site, you said it yourself, the site is likely maintained by the owner's 10 year old nephew who thinks a server is the person who brings you your food at the restaurant. As for bookmarking, mods and pages disappear, links rot away, so that's not the best solution either.

  • You got it right @Jitnaught
    šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ @JohnFromGWN oh man šŸ˜…. I got a drive with a hundred plus mods, the ones that deem fit for me. Sometimes I don't have the drive around and there's a mod I want, so I come to this site and scavenge for it to no luck. Another thing, updates. Thing with downloaded mods being automatically logged is you have a reference point and still have some up-to date mod files.

  • @Yunky definitely would be great for updates particularly since file names change with updates so when u download them you need to verify what you're replacing.

    Unfortunately the people at Nexus or whoever pays the bills employ devs who can't even figure out how a search function works.

  • While it is discouraging that they removed the forum search feature because of a (bad) bug, I think it is understandable why they did. The Nexus Mods developers didn't make the forum or the main site. The forum runs on a modified NodeBB instance, and the main site is a custom Ruby on Rails website. Since they didn't make the site, they don't have the knowledge of the codebase that the authors would. Which means it is more difficult to find and fix problems, which means it is more costly. GTA V modding is dying (IMO), it's an old game, and Nexus Mods doesn't want to spend money on a dying website. Implying the devs are incompetent though is just wrong. Who do you think added moderator roles and tools, automatic mod approvals using VirusTotal, dark mode (although they just modified community CSS styles), mod versioning, etc? None of that existed before Nexus Mods took over.

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