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Horns and Sirens don't work

  • I don't know what went wrong. Installed open IV and downloaded a few mods. Now horns and sirens don't work for me, but do work for traffic.
    Mods I have installed that may be the cause:
    Script Hook 5
    Script Hook 5.net
    Better chases
    Custom wanted air traffic
    Hollywood rollover
    inverse powercutting
    native UI
    No explosion on crash
    No Air control
    Open Interiors
    and police car eliminator.
    I've got a few more that seemed to help fix the horn issue. Removed a fuel script and was able to use the horn once. Then it never worked again.
    It's weird. Something I never thought I used that often seems to be a good feature, alerting traffic and all. Any help is appreciated.

  • Upon some expirementing, it only happens when the car engine starts. I can honk before the motor is turned off.

  • Got it! It was either No midair control, openable interiors, or ambeintFX.

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