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Hat goes off every time i enter a vehicle

  • is there a mod to stop this? story mode btw

  • No, the functionality is there to prevent the hats clipping through the body of the car. You will notice in some convertible vehicle.meta files the flag FLAG_ALLOW_HATS_NO_ROOF. You can manually add this to each vehicle though it may only work on vehicles that have a removable roof.

    In most trainers, the ability to load an outfit over-rides the no hat rule in vehicles, so it may be possible to create a script that automatically re-applies the hat you are wearing when entering a vehicle, though I imagine the loading required may be resource intensive and affect gameplay?

  • @ItsJustCurtis by default i have Michael wearing a cap and it does stay on inside vehicles and unfortunately also clips thru the roof of some vehicles. He was originally spawned with the hat using C# and the game was saved in that state. So yes, spawning thru script or trainer outfit or customization will allow override, but no solution for clipping.

  • @Sxarface
    I use menyoo for outfits and such and there is a way to apply the hat to make it stay on while in a vehicle. As some pointed out though depending on the vehicle it may clip through the roof of the car.

  • @truffleshuffle I've never seen an option in Menyoo to keep hat on in a car. It just does. Helmets are another issue however. Kinda dumb when a helmet won't stay on in an F1 vehicle.

  • @JohnFromGWN Its been a while since I used it but its something with saving clothing with attachment or something. It allows the hats to stay on while in vehicles.

  • @truffleshuffle as i wrote before it does that by default.

  • @JohnFromGWN It's not by default I am pretty sure. You have to do the add attachments to sooner DD and then select forced on in the outfit selections. You could also go into Spooner and just attach the item to the player but you would have to make sure collision is turned off for the item so it does not cause your car to go crazy.

  • @truffleshuffle we're obviously talking about different things. You're talking about attachments, im talking about hats that are component variations, identified in menyoo as part of outfits. In my case there are no attachments, no placements, no collision issues, just select the hat and if you're lucky no clipping.

  • You don't really attach anything. if character you are using already has a hat on go into the menyoo outfit menu or if you add a hat to them while in the outfit menu you click the option forced on and it stays even in vehicles it's that simple. It worked for me and I did not have to worry about his hat being removed when he got in a vehicle or popping up when he got out.

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