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[SCRIPT] Need a programmer for a very simple script involving WEATHER circumstances.

  • Hey, all.
    Not really a mod builder, but in a quest for more, slight, realism/immersion-based mods, I had the idea to add an EAS (Emergency Alert System) Broadcast over the radio for severe weather, like the major Thunderstorms to work in tandom with "Realistic Storms" by IIvELITEzX or even the "Tornado Script" by CamxxCore.

    Basically, I want a simple script to be able to detect the storm, and play the audio file over the radio, (or even TV, while displaying a small video clip if we wanted to get really ambitious,) at a certain frequency for as long as the storm persists, (ex. 'x' many times per in game day.)

    If you have the know-how, or know someone that does, and this sounds like fun, hit me up and we can try to figure everything out together. I appreciate any and all consideration.

    Thanks, everyone.

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