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Knight Rider Mod - Scripter needed

  • I'm looking for a scripter to finish the Knight Rider Mod for GTA 5.
    This is how it looks atm:

    here's the list of things planned for future releases:

    • silent mode (basically i change to electric or no engine sound should do it)
    • laser
    • original engine sound
    • script, that plays specific KITT sounds for closing doors, spm animation
    • Emergency Braking system with sound
    • animated voicebox that plays, when KITT comments specific situations
    • flame thrower
    • pursuit mode as handling switcher per keybind
    • turbo boost as speed booster
    • criminal chasing missions (similar to vigilante missions)

    if you have further ideas or wishes, please let me know.

    if anybody is interested, please contact me or just answer here

  • most of these things are done in the meanwhile.
    Here's the new version:

    What i'm still looking for is a script for chasing criminals and a proper laser for KITT

  • @Augur89 Dope wish list. The proper KR turbine engine sound is critical fo sure! Fyi. I tried to make it using accurate samples but it turned out sounding like a vacuum cleaner lol.

    More ideas for the list (assuming your latest upgrades don't do it already)...

    • T-tops that open / close (to use in conjunction with the eject seat function)
    • Windows that can turn totally black (I forgot the episode/s KITT does that)
    • Door windows that can also be down just for added realism (like many MK driving close up scenes)
    • Working wipers for rain and driving on water. @ 2:12 -

  • opening and closing windows should be pretty easy to realize with native functions.
    working wipers might be possible as well, i would have to check
    turning widows black probably is possible somehow, i just have no idea how now
    Working T-Tops would be a very nice thing, but i don't think it will work since every can only can have one animation and atm these are used for the convertable animation and the Super Pursuit Mode Animation

  • @Augur89 Interesting I didn't know about the one animation only. Maybe it is possible to toggle between SPM/Convertible and working T-Tops. Ftr. Personally I don't like SPM and convertible for multiple reasons including imo they ruin the aesthetic lines of KITT but many will disagree.

  • update for the S4 Dashboard:

  • @Augur89 Nice!! Just wondering if it were possible to get short video clips from the tv show of Devon and Bonnie speaking to Michael to play on the dashboard screen?

  • good question. i never saw video clips implemented somewhere. some research would be neccessary there.

    i've got another topic, where i could need help:

    i would like to add several custom cameras to the script, so that we can change between different offsets by hotkeys (Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x4D41783FB745E42E, ???, 0.000000, -0.3, 0.6))

    that would allow to easily swap between different camera positions by hotkeys and enjoy the dashboard. i asked there for help, but no response so far: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/37887/changing-vehicle-camera-offset-ingame

    do you know somebody, who could help? you seem to have made better experiences on this board ;)

  • @Augur89 Regarding help. The guys who did the BTTFV mod pop to mind. That mod is next level off the hook! The car models, script etc hall of fame. As far as I know unfortunately they are taking a break so that mod is on a stand still for the time being. However there seem to be a few of those guys lurking on their discord server where there is also an entire section dedicated to Knight Rider. Might be an idea to make a post there too.

  • here's the new version:

    the scanner animation got reworked, so that it nows follows the SPM components during the transformation.
    in addition, i added and synchronized the custom transformation sound for C-Mode.

  • next version:

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