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how to remove fake vehicles that are visible from a distance?

  • how to remove fake vehicles that are visible from a distance?

  • Great question - These are called LODS and are actually used to give the illusion of a populated world without having to spawn them in. Take the Airport for example - Notice the static (and unmovable) parked planes on the runway? When you get far away enough from them, they actually despawn.

    You (as a player) just can't tell that this is the case because the LOD has spawned in; The LOD is like a ghost object that's low definition made ONLY to be spawned in from a distance.

    Think of it as a trick to save resources!

    Anyways, to remove it, check out this video:

  • @Wetter42 I found the answer for myself .. these are three low lod models.
    which appear in the distance to enliven movement in distant lands. And I also found a way to completely remove them. along the path mods/x64c.rpf/levels/gta5/props/lev_des/v_minigame.rpf there is a file v_minigame.ytyp which contains lines responsible for their appearance.
    open the in openV file with an editor. find rows with one of the specified lods. and delete

    <Item type="CBaseArchetypeDef">
      <lodDist value="100.00000000"/>
      <flags value="131072"/>
      <specialAttribute value="0"/>
      <bbMin x="-0.99633400" y="-2.54103900" z="-0.02581100"/>
      <bbMax x="0.92395500" y="2.59560300" z="1.43583800"/>
      <bsCentre x="-0.03618950" y="0.02728200" z="0.70501350"/>
      <bsRadius value="2.83764900"/>
      <hdTextureDist value="5.00000000"/>

    it is advisable not to remove prop_distantcar_night. because the night will not be so alive. at night, these lody are not particularly an eyesore. only the headlights shine)

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