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Custom Siren caused vehicles.awc muted even the sound was installed properly.

  • I exported open format of vehicles.awc, copy a SIREN_2 and renamed it to POLICE_WARNING and place it in the open format folder. And I import open format vehicles.oac into openiv RESIDENT.rpf. It didn't exceed over 15.7 MB in size. But after I load into the game, those sound effects are all muted. Someone please help. I do this because I don't like the original POLICE_WARNING siren and I would like to replace it with SIREN_2.

  • @bonk71774

    Try this 'POLICE_WARNING.wav' (it's 'SIREN_2.wav' edited to the same length (291ms) as 'POLICE_WARNING.wav', renamed & exported from Audacity (Free) as Signed 16-bit PCM '.wav').

    By my reckoning, should work, but let me know if it doesn't :thumbsup:

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