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Problem with homing launcher.

  • (sorry for my english)

    Can someone help me increase the accuracy of the homing launcher?
    I would like a missile that misses the target to turn around and try again

    This is what it looks like.

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Not sure about making the rocket come round for another attempt, but you can certainly increase the maneuverability of the initial shot:

    For starters, open 'weaponhominglauncher.meta' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpchristmas2\common\data\ai\weaponhominglauncher.meta

    Search for 'AMMO_HOMINGLAUNCHER' & at the bottom of that item/section, edit & increase these values:


              <PitchChangeRate value="9999.9999" />
              <YawChangeRate value="9999.9999" />
              <RollChangeRate value="9999.9999" />
              <MaxRollAngleSin value="0.000000" />

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    No, that's not it.

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Those values defo control to some degree the maneuverability of the missile fired (once homing is engaged anyway). I don't use the Homing Launcher, prefer RPG, but I've used those values many times to tweak aircraft missile maneuverability.

    The max angle a homing missile can turn, especially at such close range, may well be limited :/. A Stinger's homing functionality isn't really designed for close range like in your vid. It's designed to be fired out in a straight line by the launch engine, where the solid rocket engine then takes over & it engages heat seeking & tracks to target, that general functionality could be hardcoded into it by Rockstar (that's what it looks like to me, you can see when homing kicks in after an initial straight line burst when you fire it etc.

    All I can suggest is maybe play around with the 'DragCoeff' values & maybe the '<LaunchSpeed' one as well. Also, for '<MaxRollAngleSin', Sin(360°) = 0, as does 0°, 720° & 1080° etc, so maybe try using Sin(angle°)= as the value. ie The sine function ranges from -1 to 1, so those may well be your limits for that value (not that roll really comes into play in your usage case).

  • This post is deleted!

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    No, that's not it but thank you for your help.

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    No probs :thumbsup:
    I'll take a look at the files & see what I can suss out...

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Here you go :thumbsup:

    Find the 'weaponhominglauncher.meta' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpchristmas2\common\data\ai\weaponhominglauncher.meta

    Note: Make sure to edit the 'weaponhominglauncher.meta' in 'update.rpf\dlc_patch\mpchristmas2', not the one in 'dlcpacks\mpchristmas2' :thumbsup:

    Open that 'weaponhominglauncher.meta' & edit the 'AMMO_HOMINGLAUNCHER' section to look like this (make a backup first obvs):

            <Item type="CAmmoRocketInfo">
              <Audio />
              <Slot />
              <AmmoMax value="10" />
              <AmmoMax50 value="10" />
              <AmmoMax100 value="10" />
              <AmmoMaxMP value="10" />
              <AmmoMax50MP value="10" />
              <AmmoMax100MP value="10" />
              <Damage value="0.000000" />
              <LifeTime value="100.000000" />
              <FromVehicleLifeTime value="100.000000" />
              <LifeTimeAfterImpact value="0.000000" />
              <LifeTimeAfterExplosion value="0.000000" />
              <ExplosionTime value="0.000000" />
              <LaunchSpeed value="1200.000000" />
              <SeparationTime value="0.000000" />
              <TimeToReachTarget value="15.000000" />
              <Damping value="0.000000" />
              <GravityFactor value="0.020000" />
              <RicochetTolerance value="0.000000" />
              <PedRicochetTolerance value="0.000000" />
              <VehicleRicochetTolerance value="0.000000" />
              <FrictionMultiplier value="1.000000" />
              <FuseFx />
              <TrailFxUnderWater />
              <FuseFxFP />
              <PrimedFxFP />
              <TrailFxFadeInTime value="0.000000" />
              <TrailFxFadeOutTime value="0.000000" />
              <PrimedFx />
              <DisturbFxProbeDist value="0.000000" />
              <DisturbFxScale value="0.000000" />
              <LightOnlyActiveWhenStuck value="false" />
              <LightFlickers value="false" />
              <LightSpeedsUp value="false" />
              <LightBone />
              <LightColour x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />
              <LightIntensity value="0.000000" />
              <LightRange value="0.000000" />
              <LightFalloffExp value="0.000000" />
              <LightFrequency value="0.000000" />
              <LightPower value="0.000000" />
              <CoronaSize value="0.000000" />
              <CoronaIntensity value="0.000000" />
              <CoronaZBias value="0.000000" />
              <ProjectileFlags>DestroyOnImpact ProcessImpacts DoGroundDisturbanceFx</ProjectileFlags>
              <UntriggeredProximityLightColour x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />
              <ForwardDragCoeff value="0.900000" />
              <SideDragCoeff value="0.000000" />
              <TimeBeforeHoming value="2.000000" />
              <TimeBeforeSwitchTargetMin value="1.250000" />
              <TimeBeforeSwitchTargetMax value="2.500000" />
              <ProximityRadius value="0.000000" />
              <PitchChangeRate value="9999.000000" />
              <YawChangeRate value="9999.000000" />
              <RollChangeRate value="9999.000000" />
              <MaxRollAngleSin value="0.000000" />
              <LifeTimePlayerVehicleLockedOverrideMP value="-1.000000" />

    That should defo improve the accuracy & also make the rockets turn around & come after the enemy air vehicle if they miss with the first try (as long as they don't hit something else ofc). To get the most out it, certain values need to be balanced depending on what '<LaunchSpeed value' you are using. That's why I posted the full 'AMMO_HOMINGLAUNCHER' section for you to test out. :thumbsup:
    It's good that way tho, it offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you to create pretty much whatever missile behaviour you want. If you want to edit your pre-existing file etc, consult the important values below & edit accordingly etc.

    The important values are these ones:

    • '<LaunchSpeed value':
      Speed of missle, the higher this is the less the missle can turn (all other values being equal). Higher values can be compensated for by lowering the '<SideDragCoeff value' & raising the '<ForwardDragCoeff value'.

    • '<ForwardDragCoeff value=':
      Drag on the front of the missile. Higher '<ForwardDragCoef' values combined with lower '<SideDragCoeff' values allow the missle to turn in a tighter circle/arc.

    • '<SideDragCoeff value':
      Drag on the side/back of the missile when it is turning. Lower values combined with higher '<ForwardDragCoef' values allow the missile to turn in a tighter circle/arc. Just set it to zero/'0.000000' etc

    • 'Pitch/Yaw/RollChangeRate' values:
      How quickly/how much the missile reacts with Pitch/Yaw/Roll within the confines of the '<Forward/SideDragCoef' values. As the missile is constantly flying forward the lower these values are the less the missile will be able to turn fast & tight. So, set them high ('9999' etc).

    • '<MaxRollAngleSin value':
      Likely a Sine function value (range -1 to 1 if so). Hard to see what effect changing the value has on the missile's ability to roll. I'd likely have to use a 'missile cam' to see the flight characteristics in any detail. May well be that the roll capability becomes less pronounced/important once the missile can turn in a tighter arc with the values above etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Wow thanks, it works.

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    No probs :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Is it possible for a rocket to leave smoke for longer?

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Probably :thinking:, but will likely take a bit of investigation to figure out how it's done.

    Upload your 'core.ypt' from here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\patch\data\effects\ptfx_hi.rpf

    to somewhere like https://www.mediafire.com/ & share the link & I'll download it & investigate :thumbsup:

    There are three 'core.ypt's that matter. The one in 'ptfx_lo.rpf', the one in 'ptfx.rpf' & the one in 'ptfx_hi.rpf' (they are all in the same 'effects' folder). Depending on the in-game Particle Quality setting different ones are used (let me know what Particle Quality setting you are using at some point). So, if you happen to have modded one of them & know which one your game is using, upload that one instead.
    If not, & they are all vanilla, or all modded to be the same etc, just send the one in 'ptfx_hi.rpf' & we can figure the rest out later if need be :thumbsup:

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Try this 'core.ypt' out :thumbsup:

    Install it into 'ptfx_hi.rpf' & set your Particle Quality to max in-game to test it out.

    The missile smoke should last longer (~12 secs on average for me, but if it needs adjusted for your game, just let me know :thumbsup:)

    The values edited control the RPG's & the Homing Launcher's Missiles, so check them both out. If they fly at different speeds, there will be slightly different results when you fire them into an empty sky etc. Nothing major, you might just find one disappears slightly quicker etc

    I also straightened out the flight of missiles, so they don't spiral as much anymore. If you prefer them the way they used to be, just let me know, easy to change.

    Also, let me know if you normally use a different in-game Particle Quality setting & what setting it is & I'll figure out what 'core.ypt' is being used by your game & get you to send that one over & make the same edits etc. :thumbsup:

  • @MarekTrzeciak
    Cool, try these:

    The links are just the 'core.ypt' files in identifying '.zip' files. Extract them & install within the correct '.rpf' etc :thumbsup:

    The 'ptfx_hi.rpf' you linked to was named 'ptfx_hi.rpf.rpf'. Watch out for stuff like that & make sure it isn't named like that in OpenIV/in the game files.

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    It works, thank you very much. :)

  • @MarekTrzeciak @a63nt-5m1th Saw this topic a bit late but still wanted to give answer :slight_smile:

    In weaponhominglauncher.meta , go to WeaponFlags and add IgnoreHomingCloseThresholdCheck flag. This will make the missile turn back every time it misses the target no matter what other values are, but of course a higher pitch/roll/way allowance can make it hit the target easier.

    I made a video of it with slightly increased rates and increased speed.


    Due to high speed though sometimes it can't turn enough to hit choppas hehe. So I had to jump to make the choppa move a bit. My values are;

          <PitchChangeRate value="620.000000" />
          <YawChangeRate value="620.000000" />
          <RollChangeRate value="620.000000" />
          <MaxRollAngleSin value="1.300000" />
          <LockOnRange value="6000.000000" /> <!-- A bit exaggrated but hate the damn planes run away from me lol 🤣🤣 I think the realistic range would be about 4000 -->
          <WeaponRange value="8000.000000" />
          <LaunchSpeed value="4200.000000" />  <!-- The initial speed at launch -->
          <Speed value="6000.000000" />  <!-- Max speed the missile can achieve -->
          <LifeTime value="60.000000" />  <!-- How many seconds the missile's fuel will last -->

    To compensate the misses against helicopters, you can lower the speed or increase the turn rates. But these values are great (at least for me) to shoot down any police helicopters since they are bigger and moving more than compared to buzzards. Why did I not record the video against police choppas then? Well, I was recorded this a bit long time ago and second with these values the video is being a bit too short since the police choppas go kablooey boomy too early :(

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