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Possible to add peds / cars from Diamond Casino Heist and onwards?

  • So if anyone is aware about the "Mission Maker" mod (not the old version being: Create a Mission) but the more modern stable one. Ever since Diamond Casino Heist, the peds and vehicles within Mission Maker haven't exactly been update, not sure if there's something i'm missing here or.....

    I've always wanted to have NPCs from Cayo Perico, The Contracts DLC, etc. But I can't seem to figure out how to update the correct ped and vehicle listings within Mission Maker. Cause I've seen Mission Maker showcases where they've used custom peds as enemies / allies.

  • Did you try to add the ped name in addonsped.txt file in mission maker?

  • @Zibulaatio Ah ok, I almost forgot those were "part" of the mod, in that case, Do you also know where I can actually find out how to port over newer versions of GTA Peds/Vehicles into the mission maker .txt's? cause I'm sorta new when it comes to GTA ped/vehicle editing.

  • Find new peds name you want to add to the list by using sjaak trainer.
    Example: csb_ary (dr dre model)
    Overwrite AddOnPed[0] = s_m_m_movalien_01 ----> AddOnPed[0] = csb_ary with the new model name to the list on AddOnPeds.txt and save the .txt file
    Restart game and you will find new model in the Mission Maker Add On section :)

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