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How come the engine audio and dashboard tachometer RPM don't match the car's actual internal RPM?

  • Once you get up to like 4th gear and higher, I noticed that the car sounds like it's accelerating faster than it really is, and even the tachometer on the dashboard is still climbing, as well as the audio. Internally, however, the RPM is staying roughly the same. This is especially evident if you have a tachometer HUD mod or if you're using a debug HUD that show's the car's current RPM. It goes off of the RPM internally, and it's like the internal RPM is actually tied to your car's speed like it should be, but the perceived RPM shown on the car's dashboard and heard by the engine isn't and continues accelerating.

    Anybody know what I'm talking about? Is there perhaps a way that we can bypass this in some manner so that the audio and dashboard use the ACTUAL internal RPM instead of just constantly accelerating?

    By the way, you can also tell because if you've got a car with 7 gears (like if you've upgraded a transmission), you'll notice that your top speed is peaking in 6th gear, but the RPM still looks like it's climbing when you look at the tachometer on your car's dashboard or when you listen to the sound, and then it shifts up to 7th even though the speed didn't increase. But again, HUD mods and the like that show the internal RPM will show that the RPM is staying the same.

  • it do be like that. i mean, after all, gta is not a racing game

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