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[C#] Arrest Player Assistance

  • I was curious why I can't make any script spawned police arrest the player @ 1 star like dispatch.meta police. For instance I spawn S_M_Y_Cop_01 and just for good measure I use Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_COP, ped, true); however @ 1 star instead of trying to arrest me they shoot. I was hoping the game would naturally task them to arrest me without having to assign tasks.

    So then I decided I would task them to arrest me. I've tried ped.Task.ClearAll() followed by ped.Task.Arrest and still they shoot instead of trying to arrest me.

    Any ideas?

    Try this yourself. Via script spawn a cop model then give yourself a one star wanted level. Do they shoot you or do they try to arrest you like they should?

  • It's tricky because both your script and the game are giving tasks to the cop ped(s). You may have to call the task multiple times. If you haven't already, try:

    if (!Function.Call<bool>(Hash.IS_PED_RUNNING_ARREST_TASK, ped))

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