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Type 95 Ha-Go

  • Let's get straight to the topic. I have been looking everywhere for this damn tank! I searched Type 95 and saw a fucking anime livery for a car, and I was just like, "Why?" If any can PLEASE, make a Type 95 tank, this would be amazing for WW2 stuff because all the mods are either German or American stuff, no British tanks either! Like the Crusader Tank, etc. We only have European theater stuff, no Pacific stuff. So if we got this tank, Machinima makers could make really cool stuff.

  • alt text This is it. Also, let me explain more on why I want this, we only have one mod for the Japanese, and it's some shitty WaW models and looks bad, but with this tank, we can have tanks battles for the Pacific until maybe someone makes a good Japanese uniform for MP Male or something.

  • I kinda doubt someone will do this, I made a lot of requests on here and no bites.
    I hope someone can do this though, as I'm a fan of WW2 mods!
    Always wanted a M3 Grease Gun in this game.

  • @-EcLiPsE- Only person I can think of is Skyline, but I doubt he'll do it, considering all of his mods so far have been planes.

  • I would love to see this, or maybe a C-47 Skytrain which still, NO ONE HAS MADE. It pisses me off but I guess I gotta wait another 20 years until someone makes it :/

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