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Headlights issue

  • If the image doesnt upload properly heres an imgBB upload: https://ibb.co/xFnzr4y

    For some reason, Headlights on all high end cars in the game stay stuck on, This affects all modded police vehicles I have also

    The on, high and off state of the headlights work as normal, Both rear and front turn off and on but the small outer light that goes around above or below the main bulb of the vehicles headlights remain stuck on

    this issue occured randomly after installing a few modded paramedic vehicles, Uninstalling them didnt fix the issue

  • @Wildmandan

    • Rename you 'mods' folder temporarily, & confirm the issue exists just in 'mods' folder & not the vanilla files. If it still happens with the vanilla game, verify the integrity of your game files & see if that fixes it.
    • Also, rename your 'scripts' folder temporarily as well (if you have one) & confirm whether it has anything to do with it or not.
    • Link to the modded paramedic vehicles, so I can download them & check them for anything unusual.
    • Try a 100% vanilla 'visualsettings.dat' in 'update.rpf' in your 'mods' folder & see if that does anything to it. Make a backup of your modded 'update.rpf' first, so you can revert after etc
    • Does it affect just vanilla vehicles, or add-ons as well?

    If you confirm it only happens with your 'mods' folder & you are lost as to where to look for the issue:

    • Rename you 'mods' folder temporarily again
    • Create a new empty 'mods' folder next to the renamed one
    • While loading the game to check inbetween each change, move single '.rpf' files or folder structures over from the old (renamed) 'mods' folder to the new one, looking for when the issue reappears.
    • If it happens to be in 'dlcpacks' etc (ie folder structures with multiple folders/files in them), use the same process adding/removing one folder/file at a time & loading the game inbetween each change to figure out which one it is.

    That should tell you which '.rpf' the issue exists in. Depending on the circumstances. either ditch it, rebuild it, re-download it or continue to use the same process within the '.rpf' (make backup of it, so you can revert & try something new each time) to figure out the exact file that is causing it.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'm going to try all of this, Thanks for taking the time to type all this out I appreciate it a ton

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