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How to edit popcycle to spawn truck with trailers in some zones?

  • Hi, i want to increase and get truck( like phantom or hauler ) with trailers to spawn in some zones..i tried to edit popcycle .. and changed veh_mid in pacific bluffs zone to veh_haulge which refers to heavy trucks but they are spawned without trailer ...how can i get them spawned with trailers? And whats net_(zone name) at the end of popcycle refers to and whats the difference between it and the upper zones names without (net) word.?.

  • I'm fairly sure you need to ensure that both the truck and trailers are in the correct zone. You also need to make sure that the trucks vehicles.meta has the trailers named as towable.

    the _net popgroups are referred to when playing online, irrelevant in a modded game and can be ignored unless your popcycle specifically refers to them in the non _net zones.

  • @ItsJustCurtis
    Can you please tell me how to get trucks with trailers in eg: strawberry zone .sometimes they disappear in many zones and how to increase them in highways..

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