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Gta V crash on Startup after downgrading.

  • i wanted to do the vice city mod but i cant becasue i phase thogh the map so solution is to downgrade my game to last version where i knew it worked. but as soon as i did, it crash on startup window open and then close like it trying to load but didnt. i used the disc of gtav not steam.

    My Attepts to solve the proplem.

    1. Reinstall the downgrade files over and over and tried someone elses. (v 1.02372.0 and v 1 .02372.2) (failed) (failed)
    2. check the game config even different verstions (failed)
    3. shut the automatic update off on the launcher (failed)
      3.5. haveing the automatic update on. (success: in avoiding the crash) (Failed: brought me to square one returning me back before downgrade Vice city mod is crap )
    4. got a laucher bypass mod (failed)
    5. remove mod folder running on base game (failed: still crashed)

    what am i missing? why cant i downgrade?

  • @Colonelnumber1 Unfortunately you need to backup files before you do a downgrade, not search for them afterwards. Once you reinstall, no matter which version, you will need the correct version of SH5 to match your game version. If you are using a mods folder, you will likely have to make changes as well - particularly to update.rpf. Finally, you will need the proper version of the gameconfig and heap mods (and the pack mod).

    The other option is to try to fix falling through the map. I can't remember seeing one specifically for Vice but you can try some of these solutions after your upgrade back.

    Falling through the ground on Map

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