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Good Free Graphic Mods

  • Hello, so I'm looking for some good free graphics mods to use for gta5. Currently I'm using just Visual V. Thanks

  • @dytex graphics mods are for people who think you can add detail where it doesn't exist, like trying to enlarge a small photo in Photoshop and expecting a miracle. If you want to get fake looking scenery rather than the natural graphics that came with the vanilla version, you can play with your monitor's saturation levels, brightness and contrast. Sadly the only good visual solution is a quality graphics card and monitor. Just my opinion of course.

  • I've been sticking with visualv, and i think i'm using enb settings from a reshade mod (not using the reshade mod just the persons enb settings) and i'm getting awesome reflections off of chrome. And ya water, rain,blah blah. I just cant remember what reshade mod i got those settings from, sorry.

  • Totally agree with JohnFromGWN. The only graphics type mod I use is Darker Nights. Allows me to make it darker and more vibrant at night at a press of a key.

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