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GTA V Crashes on Load Screen (Fresh Copy)

  • Hey everyone, my game that I just reinstalled keeps crashing during the loading screen. Right as my character loads, the game freezes and crashes. I've had previous issues trying to install LSPDFR. Everything went fine until I messed with the agencies files, and ultimately had to reinstall the game, as it would crash every time. I've had to reinstall the game 3 times now, and now I have a fresh copy that still crashes. (Yes, for each reinstall I deleted all the files in the Grand Theft Auto V directory.)

  • I have figured it out, it had to do with a visual mod. If you are having the same issue as I, try to download RagePluginHook and tick the setting "Safe Mode". This will lower all the graphics settings. If your game is able to load, that probably means that your games were previously crashing because of something graphics related. For me, it was VisualV.

  • @ValIs_Confused i have made easily thousands of modifications to the game including hundreds of file edits and thousands of addons without once reinstalling the game. Hopefully you'll discover what a Mods folder is for one day.

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