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Custom Made Car Sounds HELP NEEDED

  • Im working on a total conversion for gta v with custom story real cars simcade handling lots of maps etc.. using mods and my own scripts
    and i have a problem which i really cant figure out is it me who is too dumb or idk.
    i tried to make my own custom sound for some cars and i have all the sound files in WAW Mono 16bit PCM
    i putted everything inside the awc (audio wave container) and when i play the sounds its good
    but ingame it sounds like crap or no sound at all
    i know how to change the vehicle audio hash in vehicles.meta
    im trying to make my own custom sounds
    here is a video how it sounds

    tell me what am i doing wrong or what to edit in the .rel files
    i already read the tutorial made by @a63nt-5m1th
    but it didnt made any sense
    i have CodeWalker Downloaded i can open .rel files but i dont know what i have to setup to make the sound work

    many thanks in advance if someone could point me in the right direction.

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