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Mirror park LOD help

  • I've been working on a mirror park mod for some time now, Retexturing even the smallest details making the area look more british and in line with the west midlands region of England, I've perfected everything I've worked on and brought decent changes to the majority of mirror park both sides of the lake, But there is 1 problem I haven't been able to fix which is preventing me from releasing my mod to the rest of the world and thats a lod issue (I think)

    Everything works, All my retextures show both up close and from a distance, Asides 2 billboards, Just 2 particular ones on the high street that can be seen from the other side of mirror parks lake, Once across the lake, these billboards show the vanilla ads as oppose to the ones I've modded in, Whereas all the other billboards around it seem to be working and showing my textures...

    I've checked as many files in the rpf as I possibly can, The billboards textures have deffo been replaced in the model file, YTDs and its lod just like everything else, But for some reason these two billboards just dont seem to wanna work from a distance.

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