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Project idea for Massive GHOSTBUSTERS Overhaul, (In The Style of LSPDFR) "Ghostbusters Pacific""

  • I need modders of all kinds to put together something big

    -Sound editors

    "Are you troubled by strange noises in the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family actually seen a spook, specter or ghost? If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute. Just pick up the phone and call the professionals -- Ghostbusters."

    After being swept up in excitement and inspiration over rewatching Ghostbusters: Afterlife, I've had a massive desire for the ultimate open world Ghostbusters experience. The remastered game is a wonderful experience and a super fun story, but I want the dynamic nature of the open-world model. I want to build a Ghostbusters style Emergency Service Simulator, much like LSPDFR. I have a lot of really cool and ambitious ideas, and absolutely none of the knowhow or expertise, and that's where I need all of you.

    I want modders, testers, and creative minds to come forward and talk to me about whether or not this idea is feasible, what it would take, what we could accomplish, new ideas, and setting up a road map.

    I've created a Discord server and will share the invite link below. Even if you aren't a mod and just want to support, check it out, and hang around until it picks up enough steam to create a public server.

    ANY and ALL help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, guys.

    Ideas so far include:
    •Seek out avoc-reeking ectoplasmic apparitions for you to capture, ranging from class 3 vapors, to class 7, world-ending manifestations.

    •Take control of a variety of Ecto Vehicles (Most notably, all variations of the Ecto 1, including the dilapidated version from Afterlife, (that you'll have to get working yourself,) including it's iconic gunner door.

    •Equip a highly detailed, multipurpose proton pack, using high-poly models, and originally sourced sounds to bust ghosts in many different fashions.

    •Deploy functional traps, collect them, and upload them to containment units in your Firehouse, but don't overfill them. Some are likely to escape!

    •Set up shop in a variety of Firehouse Safehouse locations throughout the map

    •Stay glued to the functional "LSPDFR" style radio and response system, or patrol the area and hope you get lucky

    •Bust together with coordinated team AI functionality

    •Brace yourself and out in some overtime with massive, Gozer-like events, and spectral storms, putting the city on lockdown until you stop all the deadly spirits terrorizing Los Santos, and take down the big baddie to save the world.

    Answer the call on the official development server:

  • @MattByrk Dope idea!!

    Would love a working proton pack and wand particle accelerator!

    Especially if you can shoot random npc's, cops etc, kill them and turn them into ghosts and put them into the ghost traps!

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