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Calling in a hit mod idea

  • Hi guys, currently playing LS Life highly recommend it, but im now rank 10 and have got 8 dealers working for me across los santos and you get told sometimes that a rival dealer is selling in the area and i think realism wise a dealer selling thousands of dollars worth of drugs a day wouldn't be confronting this guy he'd get someone else to do it, for example a drive by or send a group of goons to fight him etc.

    I'm not a Modder and I don't know how to mod but i think this could be a fairly simple script using ifruitaddon2 and you just call someone and select the player and then a shit box car drives past with Uzis out the window and you no longer have a rival dealer? just a fun but still realism idea and from my little knowledge of modding it doesn't seem too difficult.

    If anyone knows any mods that does this already please send links as I've been searching for a while?


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