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Malibu Mansion How to make interior visible from exterior?

  • The gorgeous Malibu Mansion mod got updated and became a lot more beautiful than before :yum: However in this latest version something bad came in, which is the interior became no longer visible from outside :cry: :(

    This is how it looked before;

    alt text

    and this is now :(

    alt text

    The outside still visible when looked from the inside though :thinking:

    alt text

    Is there any possibility make the interior visible again when looked from the outside like how it was in the old versions? :(

  • @Aurora11 Contact the mod author to see if it is supposed to be that way now or if it is a bug. That could be an intentional change to help with game performance. Could be something that needs to be changed due to the latest update awhile ago.

  • @chonkie He's not replying that's the problem :/

    It's not a bug, there are texture files inside the mod being used to be there as curtains, they even have night time illumination files.

    It can't help with the performance at all since the interior is still rendered by the game engine. You just visually don't see it because your view is obstructed by these curtains. There are a few open places for example with a transparent sliding door (like this one https://img.gta5-mods.com/q95/images/malibu-mansion-add-on/b49e8c-GTAV13.jpg ) and you can see the interior while looking towards there. If you just move to a different angle, you can see the other side of the interior as well. So it's still rendered but obstructed.

    I guess the Bigshackketchup made this to make it like the inside of the mansion doesn't become visible entirely but ugh .. It killed the prettiness :( some may like it this way of course but wish it was optional :/

  • @Aurora11 It would help with performance at certain angles if the author made occlusions for there, which the updates on the mod's page mentions occlusions were added.

    I really only know how to do it with 3ds max and editing files inside OpenIV. Might be able to do it using CodeWalker because now it can do a lot of things, but I never tried messing with creating/editing mlos using it.

    You basically need to remove the parts that the curtain texture is being applied to. You'll need to remove the emissive night windows. You'll need to remove the occlusions if they were indeed added, which you use CodeWalker to do. You'll need to add portals to the windows if they aren't still in the mod. Might be but might have been removed.

  • @chonkie I don't know how those can be done though :( and don't have 3ds max either :/

    I have tried making the curtains transparent but the alpha channel not working on them, I guess it's not assigned in the ydr file so it's not seeing the alpha channel :(
    Then I tried deleting the texture all together but then I got black textures there this time :(

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