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[MAP][WIP] Bunch of Assetto Corsa Map Projects (15+)

  • Imma get straight to the point: most of these are pretty much complete or at least halfway finished. Some are my earliest works (Smoltland and Parco Roccio) and others are my latest refined conversions (Lake Louise, El Captian). The release of most of these is uncertain for now. I use Blender 2.9 Sollumz, Zmodeler3, Codewalker, and OpenIV if ur curious. Graphics setup is PRSA ENB, Reshade 4.9.1 and NVR (yes you read that correctly, is still use Natural Vision Remastered). FiveM is my testing grounds

    PHOTOS (too many for this topic post): https://imgur.com/a/Emu1VKP

    Smoltland Drift (First conversion)
    Original Link

    Detect Drift (easiest one so far)
    Original Link

    Pikes Peak (started this yesterday)
    Original Link

    Silverstone (thinking about re-converting)
    Original Link: (Comes with Assetto Corsa)

    Backwoods Freeroam (Probably the most ambitious one yet)
    Original Link

    Coste Road (thinking about re-converting)
    Original Link

    Daytona Raceway 2017 (we need a public Nascar track badly)
    Original Link

    Lake Louise 50KM+ Version (biggest but also most complete map so far)
    Original Link

    Sachsenring (Highest quality, personal favorite)
    Original Link

    Sorrow County (Low effort but still nice for top-speed runs)
    Original Link

    Irohazaka Touge (Honestly obsolete now since AnLan just released their version):
    Original Link

    Tokachi International (Forgot about this one)
    Original Link

    El Capitan 2004 (Conversion of a remastered conversion lmao)
    Original Link

    Parco Roccio (2nd ever conversion)
    Original Link

    Feldbergring (holy sh*t this map is fun to learn)
    Original Link

    Tajo Hillclimb (first version was a disaster, re-converting again soon):
    Original Link

    There's some others in-the-works rn but I haven't put them in game yet:

    • Fukuoka Expressway (Got pretty far along this one)
    • Laguna Seca (early stages in Zmod)
    • Kanazawa Iwozen Free Roam (very early stages in Blender)
    • Osaka Belt Loop (very early stages in Blender)
    • Touge Island (Almost ready for exporting)
    • Monte Erice (very early stages in Blender)
    • Glen Sheil (Probably never gonna be completed [1000KM+ of road])
    • Slea Head (very early stages in Blender)

    PLEASE DO NOT DM/PM ME ASKING FOR THESE MAPS, YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING. I WILL IGNORE YOUR MESSAGE OUTRIGHT. I will answer messages if you want tips for converting ur own maps but I'm still learning so not everything I tell you will be the best way to do it. I'm not taking requests and will not take payment for any requests. These maps are freeware and they'll stay freeware

  • @ON3FLY3R just curious, you prefer to work on 15 maps simultaneously rather than complete one, release it, and move on to the next one?

  • @JohnFromGWN at first I cared about finishing them one at a time but not every map is built the same so I switch between projects once I get some skills from doing other maps

  • @ON3FLY3R cool.

  • Some of these creators.. probably have source files including original fbx files. Cough and might transfer them to you.. if you ask for permission to use their original work.


    @ON3FLY3R damn, Feldbergring is my go-to favorite track in AC, hoping you can find it in your heart to share your V version some day 🤞

  • About to release the Fukuoka Urban Expressway. Need to finalize stuff (I haven't released a mod in so long)

  • @ON3FLY3R First thank you for this map and the possibility you will gives us others as well.

    Just wanted to share some feedback with you. It took me over an hour to get this map to spawn.

    My file structure is pretty unique. I have my DLC in the root folder, my syntax in dlclist.xml reflects that, and to avoid conflicts between the 80 or so racetracks and worlds such as Liberty City that I have installed, I use a batch file system to rename folders to toggle them on or off.

    To make a long story short, I realized that there are further requirements for this map. I don't copy all the x.rpf files to my mods folders. Just the ones that are customized. After lots of screwing around, much of it flying an F16 North of Paleto Bay, i realized this wasn't a coordinates/location issue, it was a requirements issue.

    The files I required to get this to work were x64e.rpf and x64v.rpf.

    Now I had these files with a version of Vice City, the one where you don't need to set the textures set to normal, and it didn't work. Replacing those 2 files with the vanilla ones fixed the problem.

    No idea why this happened but just passing it along. I know the average modder will copy every single x.rpf file to his mods folder, so hopefully others won't have this issue. I don't duplicate files unless I have to.

  • @ON3FLY3R Hey bro! Huge work on Fukuoka! really liked it!, i i was wondering if making ai traffic lines and connecting the expressway to gta V map are in your plans

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Really good work on the Fukuoka expressway map man!
    Is there any way possible at some point you'd make japanese roads inside gta 5?
    as there is just few one's like la roads and european roads, thank you!

  • @Scainyoutube that's why it's called Fuk u ok a

    If not it would be called Fuk u not ok a.

  • My bad for leaving the post kinda dead for a while. Got back into these projects over the past 3 months or so and learned a lot about blender/sollumz so the quality of the maps will reach the desired level I need to complete them. Hope people can still be excited for these. Some of these maps really are truly unique as hell and I wanna put them out for this audience.

  • @Scainyoutube Not really on my list of things to do since that still has to do with the main map. I don't really see a point of replacing the vanilla roads with japanese ones but I'm sure someone has the patience and knowledge to get it done

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