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DLC List Generator Fix

  • Okay So I had to do a clean Install Of GTA V thru steam and i copied my dlc list one by one instead of highlighting them, Everything spawns but the names are out of wack meaning its says like Chevy Skyline GTR or Chevy 95 Mustang or something to that nature, what could be the problem? The List itself, or the fact that the line i copied could of copied that chevy foolishness? HELP lol its not a biggie but i know im not the only person that has dealt with this!

  • @LaMafiaHuncho why did you post this off topic?

    A dlclist does not contain metadata, all it has are the names of the dlc to load. That name can only match the folder name of the dlc and it must be exactly the same name.

    What you're describing are not folder names and not even spawn names. They are brand or model names.

    I have no idea why mustangs are showing up as chevys. My guess is you're using some addon mod which is completely screwed up.

  • @JohnFromGWN nah i wasnt talking bout the metadata when i see them in the simple trainer it comes up wrong a couple of them i will take sreenshots

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LaMafiaHuncho please provide a link to one of these mods so the metadata can be examined. Modder could be using modkits or sounds or handling from a chevy mod with a mustang for example.

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